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Without a doubt, playing online casinos is much more convenient and affordable than visiting terrestrial institutions. You can play at any time, anywhere and in a variety of games. What else can you wish for a gambler? Well, except that communication and socialization in the game. But this did not become a problem for the gambling community, because not so long ago the light was seen by Live Casino.

Play Live Roulette online

Live roulette slot machine online

The format of such institutions allows for the most accurate transmission of interactions between players and the host party. The game process in such casinos is not just simulated by the program, but is recreated in real time with live people only in online mode. As a rule, you can play traditional gambling in living gambling establishments. In such as:

  • poker;
  • various card games (baccarat, blackjack, etc.);
  • craps, lottery;
  • roulette.

The latter, as statistics show, is most popular. Live Roulette is no different from the traditional game in a real gambling house and has typical rules for it. The player still has to guess the winning number, on which the ball falls. By making one or more bets. Users can bet different types. Payments are accrued according to the coefficients in force in the gambling establishment.

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The process of the game is practically the same as playing in a real gambling house: while at home, the user on his computer screen sees in front of him a roulette wheel, a table with current rates and odds of winnings. At the head of the screen is a real dealer, which works with users. He launches the ball, announces the following actions and wins, comments on the situation at the table. With a live dealer you can communicate, clarify the rules or other aspects of the game. After the dealer announces the winnings, he is sent to the player’s account.

This kind of entertainment allows players in online gaming machines to feel the atmosphere and mood of real institutions. Introduce a certain zest and novelty in the process. But they also have their shortcomings. Such as:

the quality of shooting the game process, although at a high level, but still it is conducted at the same angle. Do not let us examine the situation in detail and from all sides. Automatically the camera’s view is switched only to show the wheel close-up;

Features of the broadcast is another problem point Live Casino. After all, even having high-speed Internet, the user is not immune from interference and freezes of the picture. A low resolution makes it impossible to notice any deviations on the computer screen.

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On the positive side, it can be considered that only solid institutions can afford to broadcast the game with real croupiers, who hire real professionals and install high-quality equipment. Therefore, the studio level should be on top. You are unlikely to find a gambling establishment that conducts live broadcasts and offers its visitors to play with a non-professional croupier who does not perform his duties well. Therefore, as a game with a live dealer, serviceability of equipment and honesty of the casino, playing in Live Roulette, you can be sure.