They say that people have always been gambling. After all, adrenaline contributed to the formation of man. Although, some believe that labor. Whatever it was, and who would not define the oldest profession, one thing is clear: girls and flirting with fortune always captivated the hearts of the male audience. We provide the reader with the top-30 in the rubric “interesting facts from the world of gambling business”. Find out what exactly is associated with the loud word “Casino”. From ancient civilizations to the virtual space of online cobwebs.

  1. Many scientists, researchers of ancient civilizations, do not even doubt that gambling appeared before money.
  2. The stakes were always different. The thing that was valued at that time was that they were valued: precious stones, intricate seashells or simply dried flowers, practical things, or concubines.
  3. In the most ancient Arab amusement Maisir, for example, a camel stood at stake. With the help of a bow and arrow 10 people determined the winner.
  4. Homeland of gambling is considered Ancient China. It is about the III millennium BC.
  5. The first casinos, according to historians, also appeared on the territory of Chinese civilization and in the delta of the Nile River. And not in the Renaissance Europe of the XVI century, as some believe.
  6. Gambling business in the Russian Empire was born in the times of the reformer and adherent of European values of Peter I. The first lottery was held in Moscow in 1700th year. To test the fate of the participants offered for fabulous at the time 8 rubles.
  7. But the cards to Russia were brought by Ukrainian Cossacks. Very much the nobles liked the images of French kings, ladies and jacks.
  8. In the XVIII century in England, gambling houses were over popular, but out of the law. Here it was necessary to keep special employees, whose duty it was to swallow bones, when the policemen were coming down.
  9. In 1897 there was a slot machine number 1. The inventor Charles Fei named his engineering brainchild Liberty Bell.
  10. Today machines exist even for the blind. They are distinguished by a package of voice functions, installed in the halls of the most popular casinos in the world.
  11. For the first time online slot machines earned two decades ago. In the already distant 1997 Internet audience was only 15 thousand users.
  12. Today 2/3 of all users of the World Wide Web at least once, but they made bets in a virtual casino.
  13. The ratio of fans of real and Internet casinos is somewhere in the 10 to 90 percent.
  14. Statistics show that the most frequent visitors to online gambling houses are Cypriots. Those lose in the network billions of euros per year. On average, € 3.1 thousand per inhabitant of the country.
  15. Despite hundreds of articles on how to beat a casino, it is believed that the winning options are unpredictable and there are no 100% successful algorithms.
  16. Play slots online love in different countries: the rich and the poor. In the UK, for example, over 3 million gamblers a day are visited by bingo, poker and other virtual games.
  17. Internet casinos are mostly thematic: they are devoted to different epochs, cultures, peoples.
  18. Roulette – one of the oldest and most popular fun and online.
  19. Gambling online is a huge branch of the global economy.
  20. The traditional leader in the world of gambling – the USA – is now inferior to the young economies. Chinese Macau, Singapore – these are the largest centers of risk rates.
  21. Newcomers can now try their strengths for free. But if you want to play on a large, for $ 100 thousand or more, you will have to sign a contract with the casino.
  22. As for the temporary records, the Book of Guinness got the Irishman Phil Laak. He sat around for 100 hours for one game of poker.
  23. They say that a sandwich was invented by a gambling aristocrat, in order not to break away from the process of playing for food.
  24. In Palestinian gambling houses, hangers with used clothes are often installed. If you let go of everything – you will not be let go naked.
  25. US President Nixon, famous writer F. Dostoyevsky and traveler Przhevalsky are just some examples of very reckless people.
  26. Modern America is a country where gambling is predominantly controlled by Indian tribes.
  27. President Reagan in 1988 freed Aboriginal people from property taxes.
  28. In the 1930s, casinos in the US were opened as charitable centers – funds were planned to be channeled to education in general, the construction of schools.
  29. Only 5% of newcomers to Las Vegas say that the profits are to break the jackpot. As a result, in the gaming halls gets up to 88%.
  30. Undoubtedly, online casinos, today are considered the safest place for gambling.