Play roulette


If you like gambling and often visit virtual clubs, pay attention to the roulette. This entertaining entertainment is offered for free and for real money.

Differences and common features

Any large online casino offers its visitors all kinds of roulettes. And therefore, before you sit down at a particular virtual table, you should learn more practical information about the types of entertainment.

Note that the Internet game is absolutely the same as the “real” game. If you are a beginner, read the rules of the particular game beforehand.

In general, the following differences can be distinguished:

  • The system of distribution on the playing field of numbers (European roulette will have differences, for example, from “American”);
  • The type of the playing field and possible bets are also individually specified in the rules;
  • The presence / absence of special rules, such as Surrender, La Partage, etc .;
  • Type of chips, etc. Once again, let’s say that you can play for real money or “candy wrappers” of the casino. The first is much more exciting and exciting, but the second one is absolutely safe for your budget.

The game is divided into 3 types:

  • European. There are (inclusive) numbers from 1 to 36 and zero. Any bet on zero is instantly lost;
  • American. There are (inclusive) numbers from 1 to 36 and zero + zero-zero. Accordingly, all bets lose when a 0 or 00 drop occurs;
  • French. The progenitor of the European version with the same wheel, but an absolutely different playing field. Players have every right to bet on zero. If this sector falls, they will be liable for special compensation – 50% of the amount of the bet.
  • Russian roulette is a dangerous entertainment, from which we would recommend you to refuse. Take the risk of real money, not your life. According to experts, roulette was created by the French. Then she began to conquer the European countries, and then she went overseas. American owners of game clubs, being very greedy, decided to reduce the probability of winning, and therefore added a new value – Double Zero or 00.

We have already said that the virtual game does not differ from the one that is carried out in ground-based casinos. On the site you will also see dealers and all the due process attributes.

Therefore, it is also useful for you to know:

  • For the “American” are provided multi-colored chips. Each player has their own to ensure that no further problems arise with the payment of the winnings and the implementation of bets. In Internet clubs this is not so important. But do not be surprised that each time you will be given out chips of a different color;
  • In the “American” the bets that have been played are removed by the dealer with the help of hands. In the European roulette form, a special blade is provided for this.

On some sites (but not in land-based institutions) you can see:

  • Roulette without Zero. The absence of 0 raises the chances of winning. There are 36 numbers;
  • Roulette HD. In this case, it is about the fact that the online game takes place online. It starts a very real dealer.
  • Advantages of entertainment Online roulette is popular in any country, no matter if it will be Russia, Japan, America or Ukraine. And one of the reasons for its international success is maximum democracy. The fact is that both the beginner and the most experienced player here have the same chances of winning. Everything depends only on the goodwill of Fortune.

A positive aspect is that there are no special systems and strategies, complex rules and requirements. Mathematicians have long proved that numbers fall out accidentally. From the game you need to have fun, and not think about what you change and can not calculate.

If it seems to you that the process itself is short and not too risky, you are mistaken. A sector ball will give you adrenaline. You can spend many hours at a table in a row, and not feel tired.

Among the advantages can be identified and a sufficient variety of options: from the “European” to “American.” Despite the identical essence, the process of the game is still different.